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Philips Hue Phoenix Table Lamp

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The 3D hexagonal pattern on the Philips Hue phoenix table lamp captures and diffuses light. Depending on where you stand the lamp gives out different eye-catching effects that work to decorate your home even when your lamp is off.

The Philips Hue phoenix table lamp promises to influence your mood and behaviour, using beautiful coloured lights which can be altered to match your mood. Whilst the smooth dimming feature allows you to personalise the brightness to suit you.

Using the timer feature you can set your lights to flash, as a reminder. Even when you are out of the house your lights can detect movement and turn on to scare away possible intruders. The Geofencing technology means you will never come home to a dark house. As you approach the door you will be detected, and the lights will come on to welcome you.

Make the most of all the different styles and light variations throughout the year. Like the warm white light of Summer followed by the cool glow of Winter. With the ability to mimic sunrise your lamp can act as an alarm clock, gradually getting brighter to set you up for the day. Please note that for these features to work you will need to purchase the Philips Hue bridge either separately or in a starter kit.


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