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Philips Hue Phoenix Pendant Light

Philips Hue Phoenix Pendant Light

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Can’t get enough of the smart features of the Philips Hue Phoenix Table Lamp? You can enjoy these from a ceiling light too, via the Philips Hue Phoenix Pendant Light, also available from Future Home Shop.

This light is everything a smart lamp should be; sleek and futuristic in design, highly innovative, very intelligent, and easy to set up and enjoy, thanks to its compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant.

The Philips Hue Phoenix Pendant Light looks simply stunning hanging from a ceiling, creating a beautiful focal point for any room.

Product Features

The smart features of the Philips Hue Phoenix Pendant Light include:

  • Colour-changing 3D hexagonal lights that can project around a room in a colour to suit the atmosphere at the time, meaning they could influence your mood - you’ll still get stunning patterns projected when the pendant light is switched off, making it a gorgeous feature of your home décor
  • The ability to program your smart ceiling light to mimic the effects of sunrise, allowing you to wake up to a beautiful, serene, natural glow to get your day off to a calming start
  • Dimmer settings, so you can make sure the light in your home is always at the perfect level for your needs
  • A timer option, meaning you can set your lights to flash at specific times, acting as a reminder for you to complete tasks
  • Motion detection to help make your home security a little smarter too, with the lights automatically flashing when unexpected movement is detected, which could help to ward off intruders
  • In-built Geofencing technology, which can detect movements you make, sensing when you’re approaching your front door and turning your lights on to give you a cosy welcome home - this feature means you never have to return to a dark, empty house again
  • The option to sync your Philips Hue Phoenix Pendant Light with your Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit smart home assistant, bringing you all-round better connectivity in your home

System Requirements

Make sure you own a Philips Hue Bridge - you can buy these in the Philips Hue starter kits available from Future Home Shop - and you’ll be able to access all the features of your Philips Hue Phoenix Pendant Light.

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