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Netatmo Healthy Home Sensor

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The Netatmo healthy home sensor is a smart indoor climate monitor that can help you make your entire home more comfortable.

With 4 precise sensors; humidity, temperature, air quality and noise, this device can help you create the perfect atmosphere for any room. The humidity monitor is especially well suited for children with asthma. Your Netatmo will warn you when these precise levels are not within a desired range for a specific type of person, for example a baby, an adult or someone that suffers from asthma.

Not only will this device tell you when the levels are not right, but will also give advice on how to fix the problems and make your room more comfortable. For example, Netatmo can show you what noise levels are the best for you to sleep soundly or what it is exactly that’s keeping you up at night, with help on how to fix them.

Receive alerts through to your smartphone or tablet when something is not right and see all the stats on one screen for your convenience. The Netatmo can work in any room and is easily expandable, meaning you can cover your living room, bedroom and even your kitchen.

The elegant design can fit in anywhere and with easy setup and easy remote access this device couldn’t be simpler.

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