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Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera - Pack Of 2

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera - Pack Of 2

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  • Instant alerts
  • Detailed view
  • Built-in microphone & speaker
  • Get alerts on your phone
  • Video history
  • Secure as a bank
  • Quick and easy set up
  • All weathers
  • Put it anywhere 

Access your security on your phone from anywhere in the world. The NEST outdoor cam alerts mean you don’t constantly have to watch over your footage, you will be alerted when movement or unexpected sounds are detected either via phone or email. Whilst the two- way talk feature lets you warn away intruders through the NEST app.

Review footage quickly and effectively with the full 1080p Full HD recording, night vision, automatic zoom and the 130° wide-angle lens view. No matter what the weather your NEST outdoor cam will always be on the lookout for possible intruders. The simple instructions are suitable for DIY installation and can be mounted to any wall, so no matter which corner of your home you want to watch over NEST will be there. By plugging straight into the mains, you will never have to worry about your NEST losing battery.

To save you time the NEST cam will record the important scenes from an event along with photos from the previous 3 hours so you can see exactly what happened. All of this information will then be available from the NEST app. For extra security you can share your camera footage with neighbors or family via a password protected stream, so even if you’re not around, your close friends can watch over your home. You can even make your own clips and record them, helpful for providing the police with footage if anything were to go wrong.

This intelligent system has the ability to distinguish between people and objects meaning no more false alarms. With the ability to tailor your camera to fit your life, you can set this device to only notice the areas and activities that you choose.

Using the sightline feature you can choose the exact frame or clip that you want. Allowing you to find the precise moment of an event, saving you time and energy. This feature also allows you to watch a day in just seconds, with all the key information needed, such as the location and dates. In this pack you will receive:

  • 2 x USB cable and power cable/adapter (7.5m)
  • 2 x Mounting magnet
  • 2 x Camera wall plate
  • 2 x Adapter wall plate
  • Nest screws
  • Wall anchors
  • Cable clips
  • Quick start guide
  • Welcome guide

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