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Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera

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Did you know that the Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera is clever enough to be able to distinguish between people and things so you can accurately identify home security issues? It really does offer smart home security.

Nest Cam IQ provides you with an innovative, premium way to protect your home when you’re away or just in another part of the house, thanks to its sound and motion sensors, keeping an ear and an eye out for any suspicious activity.

You can communicate with your camera via the Nest app and subscribe to Nest Aware (you’ll need to buy this separately) to receive familiar face alerts, so you’re not disturbed unnecessarily.

Product Features

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera comes with a whole host of fantastic features, including:

  • Instant alerts direct to your smartphone when this super-intelligent camera spots any activity that looks suspicious. Nest Cam IQ will even tell you whether it’s a person or an object
  • Wide-angle view encompassing 180 degrees horizontally and 160 degrees vertically
  • Supersight vision - this smart security camera is equipped with a 4K sensor, intelligent imaging, and can stream 1,080-pixel full HD-resolution to your smartphone, tablet or laptop, so you can see exactly what’s going on in your home
  • Zoom settings, so you can see extra detail any time you need to
  • Night vision LED sensors, letting you clearly see what’s happening in the room when it’s dark too
  • A built-in three-way microphone incorporating noise cancellation and echo suppression, so you can hear exactly what’s going on
  • A built-in speaker that’s powerful enough to scare intruders off from afar
  • Three-hour event history, so you can review recent videos if you don’t have time to watch in real-time, as that’s possible too
  • The utmost privacy, with 128-bit SSL encryption, Perfect Forward Secrecy and a unique 2048-bit RSA key
  • An in-built, colour-changing light ring so you can easily see what mode the Nest Cam IQ is in
  • A sturdy base to keep the camera steady and grounded, even when it’s rotating through its wide-motion range
  • Built-in Google Assistant, allowing you to use your Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera as part of a fully connected home
  • Quick and easy set-up from your Android or iOS device – just plug in the power cable and download the Nest app to get started

To get more from your Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera, subscribe to Nest Aware (this is sold separately). Nest Aware lets you record 24/7 footage of what’s going on in your home, saving your history for up to 30 days so you can go back and check anything you’ve missed.

With Nest Aware, receive alerts for everything from a person walking past your Nest Cam IQ to a dog barking, and create activity zones to focus on areas you’re particularly concerned about. In fact, when this super-smart camera detects a door, it can automatically create an activity zone around it.

Meet the Nest Cam IQ here:

Accessories Included

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera from Future Home Shop also comes with:

  • A stand
  • A 3-metre-long USB cable and power adapter
  • A quick-start guide to ensure easy set-up

System Requirements

To begin using your Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera, you’ll need:

  • A Wi-Fi connection
  • Access to a smartphone or tablet with an iOS (version 9 or later) or Android (version 4.1 or later) operating system
  • A free Nest account, which you can set up by downloading the app

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