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Neato Botvac Connected Vacuum

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The Neato Botvac Connected Robot Vacuum Cleaner feels like a slice of the future, but you can enjoy it right now - as soon as tomorrow, in fact, when you order from Future Home Shop and your order is eligible for free next-day delivery.

With this Neato robot vacuum, you can use your voice to command a machine to clean your floors for you or push just a few buttons on your smartphone or tablet via the Neato app to schedule your vacuuming sessions, meaning you can remove this chore from your life for good.

Product Features

The features of the Neato robot vacuum include:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity, giving you the ability to stop, start and schedule your smart vacuum to clean your home direct from your smartphone or tablet via the Neato app
  • No need for you to even be at home to have your vacuuming done - as long as you have access to the app, you can schedule a cleaning session from anywhere in the world, so you never have to arrive home from holiday to a messy carpet ever again
  • D-shaped design, meaning your Neato Botvac Connected Robot Vacuum Cleaner can reach into every nook and cranny of every room easily
  • In-built LaserSmart mapping and navigation technology, which means the vacuum can scan a room, plan its most efficient route through it and then complete the vacuuming up to four times faster than a robot with a round design
  • An extremely high level of efficiency, due to its cleaning capabilities and the fact that you can concentrate on specific areas, so energy isn’t needlessly being wasted
  • A thorough approach to collecting dust, dirt and debris from both carpets and hard flooring surfaces, thanks to a combo brush and spiral blade
  • Ultra-performance filter, which pops out easily, making the cleaning and maintenance of your Neato robot vacuum quick and easy while maintaining optimum performance
  • The option of setting your Neato robot vacuum to ‘Eco’ mode, which vacuums for longer, but more quietly
  • Optional ‘Turbo’ mode for a super-powered clean, designed to pick up even more debris than usual from your floor
  • Notifications sent to your smart device via the Neato app, letting you know when cleaning is complete, and allowing you to adjust your programmed vacuuming sessions as necessary
  • Voice command control is available, thanks to the connected vacuum being eligible to be synced with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

See a Neato robot vacuum in action for yourself here:

System Requirements

Download the Neato app to your smartphone or tablet to get full power over the scheduling features of your Neato robot vacuum, and you’ll be good to go with controlling your connected vacuum from wherever you are.

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