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Nanoleaf Ivy Smarter Kit (1 Hub & 2 E27 Bulbs)

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We all know the feeling, your cosy in bed, just drifting off to sleep then you realise you left the light on. The last thing you want to do is get up to turn it off. The Nanoleaf Ivy Smarter kit lets you do it from the comfort of your bed using your smartphone or simply your voice.

The Nanoleaf Ivy Smarter kit allows you to create easy scenes that are unique to you and your home. Using the app, the control is in your hands with the ability to customise with ease you can enjoy the convenience of smart home living. The app works with iOS, Android, Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa.

The unique and attractive dodecahedron design is the perfect match for any home and the simple set up takes no time at all. Simply screw in the bulb and download the app. Each Nanoleaf bulb draws 7.5W, equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb in brightness (800 Lumens).

The innovative technology is self-updating meaning that your home will always be seamless without you having to do a thing. With the ability to control up to 50 compatible bulbs you can kit out your entire home.

Your Nanoleaf Kit will include:

  • 1 Nanoleaf Smart Hub
  • 2 Nanoleaf Smart Ivy LED lightbulbs
  • 1 three foot ethernet cable
  • 1 power adapter

 See how it works here:

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