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McCulloch Robotic Lawnmower RM1000 (ROB)

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The McCulloch robotic lawnmower RM1000, otherwise known as ‘Rob’ is the ultimate garden saviour, with the capacity to work on areas up to 1000m2 day or night. Using innovative technology this device works quietly and unobtrusively, meaning you can rest easy and not be disturbed by any noise.

Rob has an LCD display letting you set your mower around your schedule. The device will then go about its work whilst feeding back grass clippings to promote healthy lawn growth. The McCulloch can tackle gradients up to 25% and has collision sensors to make sure it fits in any garden and terrain.

Don’t worry about your device losing charge, Rob will take itself to the charge station when it needs to.

Rob is quick and easy to install, using a simple boundary wire, this device can navigate around your garden avoiding any obstacles. The addition of a fitted loud audible alarm protects the mower from possible theft.

Lawnmower features:

Electric rotary motor.

Metal blade.

17cm blade width.

5 cutting heights.

Cutting heights ranging from 2cm-5cm.

General information:

0.8 hour recharge time.

Weight 7kg.

EAN: 7391736234504

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