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Honeywell Evohome Smart Wireless Home Alarm Kit 2

Honeywell Evohome Smart Wireless Home Alarm Kit 2

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The Honeywell Evohome security kit 2 (HS912S) is an excellent system that secures your entire home. Like Kit 1 this system is easily installed and controlled by the Total connect comfort app, meaning that complete control of your home and safety is within your reach. By using this Honeywell security system you are helping keep your home safe; allowing yourself to feel secure and comfortable even when leaving your home empty. This reliable Honeywell technology gives you visual confirmation of your home and belongings in order to truly put your mind at ease.

The central hub has the capacity to work with up to 32 accessories. This system alerts you if any windows or doors in your home are left open and if the worst were to happen you would be alerted immediately through your phone or other smart device if out of the house. The Honeywell Evohome Security Kit 2 comes with the following accessories as standard:

o 1 Honeywell Evohome Hub
o 1 Contactless Reader
o 2 Contactless Tags
o 2 Door and Window Sensors
o 1 Snapshot Camera IR
o 1 Universal AC Adapter
o 1 LAN Cable
o All required batteries

Like all our Honeywell products your security kit will arrive with all the instructions needed to set up your device. These systems are designed to be easy, meaning that the installation is simple and suited to first time users.

Model Number - Honeywell Evohome Security Kit 2 HS912S


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