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Honeywell Evohome Wireless Home GPRS Security Hub

Honeywell Evohome Wireless Home GPRS Security Hub

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 The Honeywell Evohome wireless home GPRS security hub (HS9HUBGPRS) is the central hub of all Evohome accessories. The reliable hub works to connect up to 32 accessories ranging from cameras, door sensors and many more. This hub along with every accessory is wireless and will connect automatically to all accessories making the system seamless and easy to use. Similar to the Evohome kit 3 this hub can connect through mobile network, for those homes were internet is less reliable.

This hub is the heart of the Evohome security system, bringing all the accessories to life, with a range of 100metres. This device features radio jamming detection to maximise uptime and has a 24 hour standby, other features include:

o Wi-Fi Compatible
o Works with iPhone, iPad & Android
o Supports 32 Devices
o 1000m Wireless Range
o No Subscription Required
o Low Battery Indicator
o LED System Reports

This robust device is simply the hub for all Evohome accessories, in order for the system to work you will need to purchase your choice of accessories in order to fully utilise your Honeywell security system or purchase one of our ready made kits listed here

Model Number - Honeywell EvoHome Wireless Hub With GPRS - HS9HUBGPRS

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