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Honeywell Evohome Smart Wireless Home Alarm Kit 1

Honeywell Evohome Smart Wireless Home Alarm Kit 1

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All of our Evohome products can be controlled and monitored through the Total connect comfort app. This allows your smart phone to completely connected to your home security, meaning that if the worst were to happen you would not only be alerted but have total control of your security system even when you're out of your home.

This robust and reliable device uses a modular system meaning that you are able to add to your alarm system, choosing form up to 32 accessories meaning that you can tailor your system to fit your home, giving you peace of mind. Each alarm kit includes:

o 1 x Evohome security hub
o 1 x Wireless pet-immune motion sensor
o 1 x Wireless door and window sensor
o 1 x Wireless remote control key fob
o 1 x Ethernet cable

For those that own other Honeywell systems such as their home heating systems can also benefit form being able to control their central heating within the same app. Making your home truly connected.

The Honeywell app also benefits from geo-fencing which allows heating/security to be modified when you enter/leave the house without needing to program anything.

Your security kit will arrive with all the instructions needed to set up your device. These systems are designed to be easy, meaning that the installation is simple and suited to first time users.

Model Number - Honeywell Evohome Kit 1 HS911S

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