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Heatmiser NeoKit 1 Gen 2 Sapphire Black - HomeKit-Enabled Smart Thermostat

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The Homekit enabled Heatmiser NeoKit 1 generation 2, includes a Neostat and Neohub (2nd generation). Using mesh based Neo this device automatically routes the communication data around your home using other Neostats. Because the Neo hub communicates through the Heatmiser cloud server this device has no need for computer knowledge or IP addresses.

All of our HomeKit-enabled devices provide reliable and simple solutions to heating your home, using the most innovative technology to make your home run as smoothly as possible.

Like all our Neo kit’s this device will include features such as; 4 comfort levels, these preset profiles make heating your home easier and quicker. Flexible programming provides ease of use, being able to program 5/2 days 7 days or even 24 hour mode, perfect for busy lives and changing schedules. As well as easy control through your smartphone, because of the HomeKit enabled technology you can even control your heating from your apple watch. Geo location reduces the wastage in your home, the device will automatically turn itself off if no one is in the house and back on when people return, meaning that you never have to worry if your heating is on when you’re not home.

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