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Gardena Smart Sileno Robotic Lawnmower Set

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The Gardena smart system Set is the perfect combination of devices and accessories to give you perfect and fully-automatic lawn care and water management in your garden. In this set you will receive; a smart Sensor, smart Sileno robotic lawnmower, smart Water Control and smart Gateway.

Everything in this set can be controlled by the Gardena smart app, meaning you can control your devices from anywhere.

the Gardena Smart Sileno will deal with lawn areas of up to 1,000m and, leaving you free to simply enjoy your garden! The powerful rear wheel drive means that this device can easily navigate around uneven ground and even inclines of up to 35%.

This clever robot uses the fine cuttings as natural fertiliser, promoting grass growth and saving you time, which would be spent emptying the grass collecting bag.

Using smart sensors, you have the ability to measure the soil moisture, the temperature and the light intensity in your garden. On top of all this, this kit also controls the irrigation of your plants, helping to keep your whole garden perfectly manicured.

Lawnmower features:

Electric rotary motor.

Metal blade.

5 cutting heights.

Cutting heights ranging from 2cm-6cm.

General information:

1 hour recharge time.

Weight 9.6kg.

EAN: 4078500029735.

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