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Elgato Eve Weather Wireless Outdoor Sensor

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The weather is one of our biggest obsessions here in Britain. If we’re not moaning about the rain, we’re complaining that it’s too warm, or looking up what the weather’s going to be like the Tuesday after next.

The Elgato Eve Weather Wireless Outdoor Sensor lets us keep a closer - and smarter - eye on the weather than ever, monitoring the air temperature, humidity and pressure outside your home. This means that you can make sure you’re always prepared and always dressed right, thanks to a level of detail you just don’t get from the weather report on the breakfast news.

Sync your smart weather sensor with Apple HomeKit and receive updates straight to your smartphone, letting you monitor everything remotely too; you know when you ring home from holiday and are convinced that they’re fibbing about how good the weather is? You’ll know for sure with this smart sensor, which lets you take your weather fascination to a whole new level.

Product Features

With the Elgato Eve Weather Wireless Outdoor Sensor, you’ll get:

  • A smart wireless weather station with outdoor sensor
  • Innovative sensors monitoring the air temperature, humidity and pressure around your home
  • Insights sent straight to your iPhone or iPad on how to make your home feel more comfortable based on the weather outside
  • The chance to receive weather updates to your device via Siri voice control, so you don’t need to open the curtains on a cold, dark night to squint outside to see if it’s raining - Siri and Elgato Eve will do the work for you
  • Incorporated IPX weather-resistant technology, meaning your device can withstand wind and rain without affecting the smart readings you receive
  • End-to-end encryption advanced security settings
  • An elegant and modern design to perfectly blend in with any home
  • A truly wireless set-up with long-lasting, replaceable batteries
  • Easy set-up - something we’re extremely passionate about at Future Home Shop

Dimensions: L79 x W79 x H32mm.

System Requirements

The Elgato Eve Weather Wireless Outdoor Sensor is an Apple HomeKit-enabled device, so an iPhone or iPad is essential to operate it.

Why Future Home Shop?

Future Home Shop makes it simple, by sourcing the best smart home products from top manufacturers for you. The Elgato Eve smart weather sensor is easy to set up too, and you’ll be eligible for free next-day delivery when you order before 2pm, so long as it’s not a weekend or bank holiday.

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