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Elgato Eve Weather Wireless Outdoor Sensor

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The Elgato Eve weather sensor is an outdoor device that helps you make your home more comfortable. The innovative sensors monitor air temperature, humidity and air pressure. Using these figures, it will then give you insights into how you can make your home more comfortable.

The IPX weather resistant technology means that this device can face wind and rain without effecting your readings. Get your home weather straight through to your iPhone or iPad using this Home-kit enabled device.

With Home-kit you can connect your device straight to your iPhone or iPad using smart Bluetooth technology. This will also give you access to Siri voice control and advanced security with end to end encryption.

The elegant and modern design blends in with any home. The truly wireless device is powered by long lasting, replaceable batteries meaning that it has no need for long trailing wires. 

Please note that because this is a Home-kit enabled device you will need an iPhone or iPad to control it remotely.

Dimensions: L79 X W79 X H32mm


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