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Elgato Eve Motion - Wireless Motion Sensor

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The Eve Motion works with Apple Home-kit accessories to bring you a tailored made home. By accurately identifying movement this device can then set of scenes of your choice to give you the perfect atmosphere.

The Eve Motion will send you alerts through to your iPhone or iPad when movement is detected or when anyone enters your personal space. Having Apple TV at home will also let your device keep an eye out when you are not around.

This Home-kit enabled device means that can grow and expand your range of Apple products and control them all through your smart Bluetooth control.

By creating rules with conditions such a ‘I’m Home’ you can alert your motion sensor which will then set off a list of commands such as turning on the heating, lights and kettle. Make your home seamless and automatic with this completely connected device.

The elegant and modern design blends in with any home. This truly wireless device is powered by long lasting, replaceable batteries meaning that it has no need for long trailing wires.

Please note that because this is a Home-kit enabled device you will need an iPhone or iPad to control it remotely.

Dimensions: L80 x W80 x H32 mm


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