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Elgato Eve Door & Window - Wireless Contact Sensor

Elgato Eve Door & Window - Wireless Contact Sensor

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The Eve Door and Window sensor uses innovative technology to understand when a door or window has been opened or closed. With the ability to see your home at a glance from your iPhone or iPod you are in complete control of your environment.

Receive notifications about the access points, when a window or door is opened you will be the first to know. This Home-kit enabled device lets you grow and expand with other Apple accessories to totally connect your home. 

Using Home-kit you can control this device using Siri voice control. Home-kit also allows you to set scenes and control multiple appliances at the same time. For example, if you open your front door that could then set off a chain of events like turning on the heating and the kettle.

The elegant and modern design blends in with any home. The truly wireless device is powered by long lasting, replaceable batteries meaning that it has no need for long trailing wires.

Please note that because this is a Home-kit enabled device you will need an iPhone or iPad to control it remotely.


52 x 24 x 23 mm
18 x 18 x 8 - 23 mm


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