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Elgato Eve Degree Wireless Indoor Sensor

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Comfy on the sofa but want to know if the kids’ rooms are warm enough? Worried the cat is going to get too hot in the greenhouse? Can’t tell if you’re feeling a little under the weather or if your house really is too stuffy?

The Elgato Eve Degree Indoor Room Sensor can help you with all of this. Sync this wireless temperature sensor with Siri via your Apple HomeKit, and you can check how warm the kids’ rooms are, how hot the greenhouse is and even how stuffy it is in your home via your smartphone.

This device is so much more than just a smart room temperature sensor - it can also measure the humidity and air pressure in your home. Download the Eve app to your smartphone or tablet, and you can enjoy connectivity with your smart fan or humidifier too for a smarter, better-connected home - this is the future, and you can enjoy it now.

Product Features

The key features of the Elgato Eve Degree Indoor Room Sensor include:

  • Precise tracking of the temperature, humidity and air pressure in your home
  • Tight integration with Siri and compatibility with Apple HomeKit, so you can see current and past data on the air and temperature conditions in your home via your iPhone or iPad
  • From Apple HomeKit, you’ll also be able to create rules for your temperature sensor; for instance, if the humidity in a room reaches a certain level, have your smart humidifier switch on automatically to perfect the air quality for your utmost comfort
  • A beautifully crafted adonised aluminium body, which is water-resistant too, making it suitable for any room in your home, your greenhouse or even a wine cellar, if you’ve got a stash that needs to be kept at the perfect temperature
  • A long-lasting, easily replaceable battery, offering you a fully wireless and energy-efficient experience, thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy technology
  • Simple use and set-up so you can easily make your home smarter
  • Advanced security options

System Requirements

Access to Apple HomeKit (and, of course, a good Wi-Fi connection), will allow you to use the full features of this smart room temperature sensor. Then, you just need to make sure you’ve got your iPhone or iPad to hand, and you’ll be able to accurately monitor the air temperature, pressure and humidity in your home.

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