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Dyson DP04 Pure Cool Desk Purifier Fan White/Silver

Dyson DP04 Pure Cool Desk Purifier Fan White/Silver

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There’s a fantastic range of smart Dyson purifier fans available at Future Home Shop, with the Dyson DP04 Pure Cool Desk Purifier Fan a standout smart appliance for any home or workspace.

Discreet, energy-efficient and highly innovative, this smart fan is designed to keep you feeling cool, fresh and comfortable by improving the quality of the air you breathe.

But how does it do this? Will it fit into the rest of your home nicely? Is it noisy? We answer all of these questions below.

Product Features

The brilliant range of features of the Dyson DP04 Pure Cool Desk Purifier Fan include:

  • Intelligent sensing and reporting, with this Dyson purifier fan able to automatically detect how clean the air is in your home, capturing this information before projecting better air quality levels throughout your home
  • The ability to sync your smart fan with the Dyson Link app, so you can look after the atmosphere of your home remotely from your smartphone or tablet, meaning you’ll never have to return to a stuffy house ever again
  • The opportunity to receive updates via the Dyson Link app, allowing you to monitor the quality of the air in your home on the go, wherever you are
  • Powerful airflow thanks to Dyson’s innovative Air Multiplier technology, with the capacity to deliver more than 290l of smooth airflow every second
  • Evenly projected airflow for optimum pure air circulation
  • 350-degree oscillation to make sure clean, fresh air is directed through every area of your home. If you don’t need this, you can choose a much more concentrated area from a 45-degree angle upwards
  • The ability to capture microscopic allergens and pollutants, via a fully-sealed, activated carbon filter specially designed to remove gases
  • Provides you with control over the cleanliness and quality of the air in your home via remote control, such is the power of today’s smart home technology. The remote control has a curved design and attached magnet, so it can be neatly stored on top of the fan itself
  • Voice command control for quick, easy usage
  • Low-maintenance filters, making it extremely simple - and fast - for you to change filters. You’ll actually receive notifications via the Dyson Link app when they need changing, so you can make sure your smart appliance is operating at its best at all times
  • A draught-free diffused mode, which helps to purify air without causing a draught
  • Night-time mode, including quieter settings and a dimmed display, enabling you to carry on benefiting from the Dyson purifier fan at night without your sleep being disturbed
  • A white and silver finish for a smart, sleek look that will discreetly blend in with any interior design style

System Requirements

There are no special system requirements for using the Dyson DP04 Pure Cool Desk Purifier Fan - you can even control it via voice command, so it really couldn’t be simpler to use.

Why Future Home Shop?

At Future Home Shop, we want you to start enjoying a smarter, more comfortable home as soon as possible, which is why we offer next-day delivery at no extra charge when you place your order before 2pm (excluding bank holidays and weekends) - we pride ourselves on our quick, efficient customer service.

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