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Dyson AM06 Desk Fan - White Nickel

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The Dyson AM06 Desk Fan makes the perfect addition to a stuffy office or home study, where creature comforts could be stopping you from being as productive as you need to be.

This Dyson desk fan will help to keep the air around your desk cool and clean, without distracting you from your work or studies, as it is able to run silently.

Keep your cool in the summer or lighten the stuffiness indoors in the winter with this smart desk fan, available from Future Home Shop now. Remember, you can benefit from free next-day delivery when you order before 2pm (excluding weekends and bank holidays).

Product Features

The key features of the Dyson AM06 Desk Fan include:

  • No blades, making this an incredibly innovative smart desk fan that’s also much safer than those with blades
  • Silent running - this Dyson desk fan is 75% quieter than previous models, thanks to the addition of the Helmholtz cavity, which is designed to reduce the noise output of its motor
  • Powerful airflow despite a slower running speed to ensure that silent running
  • The ability to draw in surrounding air via Air Multiplier™ technology for powerful but efficient airflow
  • The option to control the smart desk fan via remote control, so you can switch it on from the comfort of your bed if you need to cool down in the middle of the night, for example
  • Smart oscillation, so airflow can be directed around a whole room
  • An in-built sleep timer, which means you can program your Dyson AM06 Desk Fan to switch on and off at set times throughout the night for maximum comfort
  • Consumes 40% less power than previous models, for greater energy efficiency
  • 360-degree spin and easy tilting, allowing you to aim the fan in any corner of a room to keep the whole environment feeling cool and fresh
  • Easy cleaning, thanks to the lack of blades
  • A two-year parts and labour guarantee, following rigorous testing during development

Product dimensions: 55cm (height) x 35cm (width) x 10cm (diameter).

System Requirements

There are no special system requirements for using the Dyson AM06 Desk Fan. It’s easy to set up, which is something that’s extremely important to us at Future Home Shop - just plug’n’play and you’ll be away.

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