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Netatmo Presence Indoor Security Camera

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Google Seller Rating 5.0

The Netatmo Presence detects and reports in real time. The HD camera and 130 degree field of view will protect your home and give you peace of mind. With the ultra -precise alerts feature you can tailor your system to your unique home.

Receive home intruder alerts straight to your smartphone through the app, complete with picture and a recording. With easy setup, simply place your device indoors facing the entrance, plug it in and download the app.

From the app you can also, watch live streams, look through old footage, receive instant alerts and download videos. The time-lapse feature lets you watch a day’s footage in minutes. With the option of a local SD card you can store even more footage, alternatively you can use the cloud or the FTP personal server.

The unique pet detection feature means your wondering dog won’t set of the alerts, making the device tailored to fit your needs. You can protect your family from continuous filming as the camera will only record when an unrecognised face is detected.

This device is also compatible with Apple Homekit. This allows you to work your device seamlessly from your iPhone or other apple product. With secure inscription your device will keep your home safe and sound.


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