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BT Video Baby Monitor 2000

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The BT Video Baby Monitor 2000 is one of several smart BT baby monitors available at Future Home Shop, included in our collection thanks to their fantastic range of intelligent, innovative features.

Whether you miss your baby when they’re only upstairs and you still want to gaze at their cute-as-a-button face, or you can’t always distinguish between if they’re whimpering or happily babbling away to themselves, a smart video baby monitor can provide you with clear footage of exactly what they’re up to, helping to ease your mind.

Product Features

The key features of the BT Video Baby Monitor 2000 include:

  • The chance for your baby to hear your voice soothing or singing them back to sleep, as well as the opportunity for you to hear them, thanks to two-way communication settings
  • Clear images of your little one streamed directly to the portable parent portal that you need to keep with you to get the most from your smart baby monitor
  • A selection of five lullabies to pick from to play automatically when your baby needs singing back to sleep - your BT Video Baby Monitor 2000 can do that for you
  • Infrared night vision technology, which means you can still view those crystal clear images of your baby even in the pitch dark
  • The temperature of your baby’s room displayed on the device’s two-inch colour screen, so you can feel reassured that they’re as comfortable as possible at all times
  • Range of up to 300 metres, so you can relax downstairs or move around your house while still keeping a close eye on your (hopefully) sleeping baby
  • Power-saving mode and low battery indicator, so you’ll receive plenty of warning when you need to take action to keep your baby monitor working at its best

System Requirements

Aside from a decent Wi-Fi connection, no special system requirements are needed for you to be able to use the BT Video Baby Monitor 2000.

Why Future Home Shop?

We know just how exhausting having a new baby can be, which is why we stock a choice of video baby monitors to help bring you greater peace of mind and a little extra reassurance while they’re still so young. Shop our full collection of smart baby monitors here.

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