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Netatmo Personal Weather Station

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A Netatmo Personal Weather Station provides you with a much more personalised weather report than the 30-second segment that you get on breakfast news.

With a smart Netatmo Personal Weather Station, you can receive updates on so much more than just if it’s raining or windy outside; closely monitor the air quality both inside and outside your home, including how humid it is, how much pollution is in the air and whether ventilation is needed.

Product Features

With a Netatmo Personal Weather Station, you can:

  • Receive accurate, detailed, real-time insights on the weather direct to your smartphone or tablet
  • Get updates on the temperature, humidity, air quality, barometric pressure and weather outside your home
  • Receive updates on the temperature, humidity, air quality, ventilation, carbon dioxide pollution and noise levels inside your home, so you know when conditions need to be altered to allow you to enjoy greater comfort
  • Use your smartphone, tablet or Amazon Alexa via your Amazon Echo as your smart weather station controller for a better-connected home; ask Alexa what the temperature is before you step outside without having to risk letting cold air into your home
  • Add on extra smart gadgets to your weather station for the insights that are most important to you, for example via the Netatmo Rain Gauge or the Netatmo Wind Gauge
  • View past recordings of the weather around your home, so you can see what it’s been like while you’ve been away, allowing you to decide if your plants need watering, for instance
  • Make this smart home device part of your furniture, thanks to its elegant design that also happens to be extremely solid and resilient, meaning it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

The dimensions of the indoor module are 45 x 45 x 155mm, while the dimensions for the outdoor module are 45 x 45 x 105mm.

System Requirements

You’ll need to have the Netatmo app downloaded to your smartphone or tablet and access to a decent Wi-Fi connection to be able to get the most from your Netatmo Personal Weather Station - but apart from that, using it couldn’t be easier.

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