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Philips Hue LED Phoenix Table Lamp

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The Philips Hue Phoenix LED Table Lamp from Future Home Shop is a fun yet incredibly practical addition to any home, with the power to influence your mood and make your home smarter - impressive feats for a table lamp!

This lamp doesn’t just have the power to make your lighting smarter, but your home security too, providing you with a little extra peace of mind.

What’s more, the Philips Hue Phoenix Table Lamp can provide a stunning 3D hexagonal light effect, projecting different colours to suit your mood, making it the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing night in or a lively party.

Product Features

The Philips Hue Phoenix LED Smart Table Lamp has some fantastic features, including:

  • 3D hexagonal light effects that can change colour to influence the atmosphere in a room and your mood
  • Even when the lamp is turned off, the hexagonal design can still project eye-catching effects around a room, making it a brilliant, quirky addition to your home’s décor
  • The option to use your smart table lamp as an alarm clock, programming the lights to mimic a sunrise, providing you with a gentle, more natural-feeling start to the day - make sure you’ve purchased the Philips Hue Bridge to access this feature
  • A smooth dimming feature, so you can make sure the lamp isn’t too harsh for your eyes or lower the lights to create a different ambience in a room
  • In-built motion detection, meaning your lights can detect movement while you’re in a different room or out of the house, flashing to ward off potential intruders
  • A timer feature, allowing you to set your lights to flash at certain times of day to remind you of tasks
  • Innovative Geofencing technology, which is designed to detect when you’re approaching your front door, with your lights turning on to greet you, so you never have to return to a dark house ever again
  • Compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit, so you can easily control your Philips Hue Phoenix LED Table Lamp from your smart home assistant

System Requirements

To get the most from your Philips Hue Phoenix Table Lamp, you need to make sure you’ve already purchased the Philips Hue Bridge, which you’ll find in our Philips Hue starter kits.

Why Future Home Shop?

Future Home Shop is all about making smart home tech easy, and the Philips Hue Phoenix LED Table Lamp is no exception, as it’s really easy to set up. We also offer free next-day delivery (when you order before 2pm - excluding weekends and bank holidays), so you can start enjoying a smarter home sooner. 

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