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Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit Bundle

Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit Bundle

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Interested in smarter lighting for your home? Where better to start than with the Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit Bundle?

Featuring the same number of smart light panels you’ll find in the Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit and the extras included in the Nanoleaf Aurora Expansion Pack, plus the Rhythm Module, the Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit Bundle contains everything you need to bring a sensory smart light experience to your home.

Bring coloured lights of your ideal brightness together with music and see your smart lights improve everything from how you feel when you wake up to your home security.

Product Features

The key features of the Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit Bundle include:

  • A variety of light panels that can be mounted in any way you like to work together to create stunning light displays for your home
  • The option to create a light show to suit your needs at different times of day; program your Nanoleaf panels to emulate sunrise in the morning or go for something soothing and not overly bright to relax you when you get home after a long day
  • Plug and play set-up, which really couldn’t be much simpler
  • The power to turn rhythm into light for a fantastic sensory experience, thanks to the Rhythm Module; put your favourite music on and watch your lights dance
  • The chance to create smart lighting schedules from your smartphone
  • Capability to turn your lights on from anywhere using your phone, which can help your home to look occupied when you’re not around
  • Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Home Assistant compatibility, providing you with voice command control and a smarter, better-connected home
  • Capacity to connect up to 30 panels at once, when you purchase them separately
  • All the features of the free Nanoleaf app, once you’ve downloaded it, which include a community space where you can share smart light inspiration, ideas and examples with other Nanoleaf Aurora converts

Accessories Included

The Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit Bundle includes:

  • 12 x light panels
  • 3 x RGBW smart LED panels
  • 3 x panel connectors
  • 3 x mounting stencils
  • 12 x mounting strips
  • 1 x Rhythm Module

See the Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit in action for yourself here:

System Requirements

You just need Wi-Fi, as well as access to the Nanoleaf app - that's all.

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