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Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit

Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit

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Have you always secretly fancied a disco light system for your home, but felt they were a little too kitsch and that you’d probably never actually use it? Well, forget about that fantasy and acquaint yourself with the Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit, available from Future Home Shop.

You most likely already know just how handy smart lights can be in helping your house to look like it isn’t empty and for finding your perfect level brightness for each room, but you can’t deny that they’re seriously cool as well.

With nine panels that can be programmed to more than 16 million different colour variations, this Nanoleaf Aurora smart lighting starter kit brings the disco lights of your dreams to life, but with added useful functionality too.

So, what exactly do you get with this smarter lighting kit?

Product Features

The key features of the Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit include:

  • Nine panels that are designed to work together to provide you with a stunning, personalised, potentially mood-influencing light display for your home. There is capacity to connect as many as 30 panels to your Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit, but you will need to buy any extras separately
  • Over 16 million colour options for each light panel; go for brighter colours for an instant mood boost, or turn the lighting low to really set an atmosphere
  • Simple plug and play set-up - all you need to do is mount your Nanoleaf Aurora light panels on a flat surface, plug in, choose your settings and you’ll be good to go
  • Wi-Fi connectivity, so there’s no need to invest in a central hub to control your lights
  • Compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Home Assistant, so you have the option of controlling your smart lighting system by voice command, as well as via your phone

You can see the Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit in action here:

System Requirements

To use your Nanoleaf Aurora smart lighting starter kit, you will need to download the free Nanoleaf app to your iOS or Android-operated smartphone or tablet. From there, you’ll be able to control exactly what you want to see and when from your new smart lighting system - a warm and soothing orange glow to lift your mood as you wake up each day, for example.

The app includes a community space too, where you can create, download and share your own smart light designs with other Nanoleaf converts.

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