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Nanoleaf Ivy Smarter Kit (1 Hub & 2 E27 Bulbs)

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The Nanoleaf Ivy Smarter Kit with two e27 light bulbs will truly transform the lighting in your home.

How horrible is it when you’re all warm and cosy in bed, drifting off to sleep, only to realise you’ve left the light on and you’ve got to make yourself cold to get out of bed and turn it off?

Well, you never have to worry about that again when you’ve got the Nanoleaf Ivy Smarter Kit, which you can buy from Future Home Shop, receiving two accompanying e27 light bulbs at the same time. It lets you control your lights from your smartphone, or by using your voice, thanks to its handy compatibility with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa.

Not disrupting a relaxing bedtime isn’t the only way that the Nanoleaf Ivy Smarter Kit can improve your life either - it has a whole range of fantastically smart features.

Product Features

By choosing the Nanoleaf Ivy Smarter Kit with its included e27 bulbs, you’ll be benefiting from:

  • The power to control up to 50 compatible bulbs from your phone or via voice control from the Nanoleaf app, allowing you to enjoy their benefits throughout your home
  • Easy set-up, with each of the e27 bulbs simply screwing in
  • A superb level of energy efficiency, with each of the e27 light bulbs drawing 7.5W, which is equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb in terms of brightness - this comes in at 800 lumens overall
  • Self-updating bulbs, meaning you don’t need to worry about constantly replacing them - you could find them lasting for up to 27 years
  • An all-round better-connected home, thanks to the Nanoleaf Ivy Smarter Kit’s ability to sync with your existing smart home assistant

Accessories Included

Your Nanoleaf Ivy Smarter Kit will include:

  • 1 x Nanoleaf Smart Hub
  • 2 x Nanoleaf Smart Ivy LED lightbulbs - did you know these are the world’s most efficient smart bulbs? You can purchase more on their own from Future Home Shop here
  • 1 x three-foot ethernet cable
  • 1 x power adapter

See the Nanoleaf Ivy Smarter Kit in action here:

System Requirements

The Nanoleaf Ivy Smarter Kit requires you to have:

  • Access to a decent Wi-Fi connection
  • The free Nanoleaf app downloaded to your iOS or Android phone, so you can access the full features of these smart lights

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