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McCulloch (Rob) R600 Robotic Lawnmower

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Meet Rob - otherwise known as the McCulloch R600 Robotic Lawnmower. Rob will transform the way you look after your garden forever - you don’t need to be even remotely green-fingered to appreciate what it can do.

Had plans to mow the lawn but been stopped in your tracks by the rain? Rob will take care of it. Planning a long trip away but don’t want to return home to an overgrown garden? Rob’s got it covered. Caught the weather forecast before bed, feel like it’s ideal for a barbecue but don’t have time to sort out outside? Rob’ll sort it for you.

Rob is innovative and intelligent - everything a smart home device should be.

Product Features

The key features of the McCulloch R600 Robotic Lawnmower include:

  • An electric rotary motor and 17cm metal blade
  • The option of five cutting heights, ranging from 2-5cm, for your perfect finish for your lawn
  • The ability to cut your grass come rain or shine, so bad weather never has to be an excuse for an overgrown garden ever again
  • Designed to handle inclines of up to 25%, and to cover areas of up to 600m x 600m, making it a fantastic connected lawnmower for gardens of all sizes, regardless of slight hills and bumpy ground
  • Scheduling settings, enabling you to program your McCulloch lawnmower to cut your grass whenever you need it to, even if you’re not at home or in bed
  • Ability to feedback grass cuttings as nutrients to the earth to promote healthy growth in your garden
  • It’s quiet and unobtrusive, so neither you nor your neighbours will notice the robotic lawnmower going about its work - it’s quiet enough to mow at night time, thanks to its noise levels reaching just 57decibels at their highest
  • Powered by a lithium-ion battery, which makes it incredibly efficient, and able to recharge itself in less than an hour - 0.83 hours, in fact
  • Guaranteed easy installation - all you need to do is put a boundary wire around your lawn, as well as any large objects such as trees that you’d like the lawnmower to avoid, and you’ll be good to go
  • Each McCulloch lawnmower has a loud audible alarm and security pin code, providing you with added protection against potential theft

Product weight: 7.1kg

System Requirements

There are no special system requirements for being able to use the McCulloch R600 Robotic Lawnmower.

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