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McCulloch (Rob) R1000 Robotic Lawnmower

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With the McCulloch R1000 Robotic Lawnmower, also known as Rob, you’ll never have to drag your lawnmower around your garden after a long day at work ever again.

Rob can look after your lawns for you; simply schedule it to cut your grass whenever you need it to - day or night, rain or shine - so your garden will always look perfect and you’ll be able to spend your free time doing something that interests you more.

At Future Home Shop, free next-day delivery is available when you place your order before 2pm (as long as it’s not a weekend or bank holiday) and you’ll be able to start enjoying a tidier lawn and a smarter approach to gardening sooner.

Product Features

Here’s everything you need to know about the features of the McCulloch R1000 Robotic Lawnmower:

  • It can mow your lawn day or night, so you can decide to host a last-minute barbecue and still have an immaculate-looking garden, without having to do anything yourself…
  • …except program your connected lawnmower via the easy-to-use LCD display to cut your grass at the times that suit you best, allowing you to create a regular gardening schedule that can run even when you’re on holiday
  • It has an electric rotary motor with a metal blade that has a width of 17cm for clean, efficient mowing
  • You can choose from five cutting heights, varying between two and five centimetres, allowing you to achieve your perfect look for your garden
  • Rain won’t stop Rob in its tracks - it can navigate all weathers, all terrains and gradients of up to 25%, making it suitable for pretty much every garden
  • It’s able to cover areas of up to 1,000m x 1,000m, so it’s ideal for large outdoor areas. These are usually the most laborious to mow yourself, so remove this chore from your life for good with the McCulloch R1000 Robotic Lawnmower
  • It’s really quiet and unobtrusive, so it’ll never disturb your neighbours and it won’t bother you if you set it to mow at night either
  • This connected lawnmower can even help to encourage your lawn to grow healthily, as grass clippings are automatically fed back into the earth as nutrients to keep your garden thriving
  • It has in-built collision sensors, making it intelligent enough to avoid any bumps in the earth as it goes about its work independently
  • Rob will even take itself off to its charge station to recharge its own batteries when it needs to. It takes just 0.8 hours to reach a full charge
  • It’s quick and easy to install - you just need to place a boundary wire around your garden and it’ll be able to find its way by itself, cleverly avoiding any obstacles along the way
  • It’s fitted with an audible alarm, which will alert you loudly in the event of a theft

Product weight: 7kg

System Requirements

A garden that needs mowing and the ability to use the scheduling feature of the McCulloch R1000 Robotic Lawnmower is all you need in order to start using your connected lawnmower.

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There’s a great selection of connected lawnmowers available at Future Home Shop, and a fantastic choice of other smart home products to choose from too, so you’ll easily be able to find everything you need to get on your way to a fully connected home.

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