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GARDENA Smart SILENO Robotic Lawnmower Set

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Transform your garden and your attitude to gardening with the brilliant selection of gadgets in the GARDENA smart SILENO Robot Lawnmower Set, available from Future Home Shop.

Containing a smart Sensor, smart SILENO Robotic Lawnmower, smart Water Control and smart Gateway, this comprehensive set of connected appliance accessories includes everything you need for a tidier garden and a hassle-free approach to gardening.

Product Features

The GARDENA smart SILENO Robotic Lawnmower Set features:

  • The opportunity to control all of the gadgets in the set from the handy GARDENA app, which can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet to give you power over cutting your grass and keeping your garden irrigated, even when you’re miles away from home
  • A connected lawnmower that’s able to cover areas of up to 1,000m x 1,000m, and tackle inclines of up to 35%, thanks to powerful rear-wheel drive
  • The GARDENA robot lawnmower itself has an electric rotary motor with a metal blade, which is able to deal with five different cutting heights, varying between two and six centimetres to help you to achieve your dream lawn
  • One-hour recharge time for the smart SILENO Robotic Lawnmower, making it incredibly efficient
  • Intelligent technology that recycles the fine grass cuttings as natural fertiliser to encourage your grass to grow healthily, saving you even more time, as you won’t need to spend any on feeding your garden or emptying the mower’s grass collecting bag
  • The smart Sensor allows you to measure the amount of moisture in the soil in your garden, its average temperature and how intense the light levels are, so you can use these details to inform your planting decisions
  • The smart Water Control gadget enables you to control the irrigation of your plants, so you can say goodbye to a messy, waterlogged-looking garden and hello to an immaculate-looking, perfectly manicured one

Product weight: 9.6kg

System Requirements

Download the GARDENA app for iOS and Android to your smartphone or tablet, connect your smart home gadgets to your home’s Wi-Fi, and you’ll be ready to start transforming the way that you garden forever.

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Future Home Shop sells smart home products to change your life, and that isn’t an exaggeration. Whether you’re looking to feel more secure in your home or never want to have to vacuum or mow your lawn again, you’ll find a smart home gadget to help in our online store.

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