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Ring Video Doorbell 2

Ring Video Doorbell 2

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The Ring Video Doorbell 2 provides you with the latest in innovative, smart home security, making it easy and convenient to check who’s at your front door when you’re not in, unable to answer right away or just want extra reassurance.

Receive instant alerts when there’s someone at the door or in your chosen detection zone thanks to adjustable motion sensors, experience top visibility even when it’s dark with in-built infrared night vision, and speak to visitors even when you’re not there with the two-way audio feed.

Product Features

You just need to install the free Ring app on your smartphone, tablet or PC and connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network to access the product features:

  • Easy set-up – you really don’t need to be a tech or DIY expert to benefit from the Ring Video Doorbell 2
  • A camera with a 160-degree view that’s able to record in 1,080-pixel full HD-resolution and store videos via the cloud for you to watch again if you need to
  • Infrared night vision camera to make sure you can see who’s at the door day and night
  • Customisable, in-built motion sensors and the option to create specific detection zones for highly accurate, smart home monitoring
  • A two-way audio function to allow you to talk to whoever’s at the door even when you’re away from home – as long as you’ve got the Ring app downloaded, you’ll be good to go
  • Weather resistance – the Ring Video Doorbell 2 can cope with temperatures from -20°C to 48° C
  • Bank-grade data encryption to ensure your privacy
  • Two power options: use either the built-in, rechargeable battery (designed to last for 6 to 12 months), or connect the Ring Video Doorbell 2 to your current doorbell wiring for continual charge
  • The opportunity to create a fully integrated security system, as the Ring Video Doorbell 2 is designed to work with Amazon Alexa

Watch the Ring Video Doorbell 2 in action here:

System Requirements

To get started with the Ring Video Doorbell 2, all you need is:

  • A wireless internet connection
  • To download the free Ring app on your iOS (version 8.1 or newer), Android (version 4.1 or newer), or Windows 10 device

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