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Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

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Ever wished you could keep an eye on your property when you can’t be there yourself? You can with smart home security cameras and the Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera is a fantastic option.

It sends detailed, instant alerts direct to your smartphone or tablet if anything untoward is detected in the area around your home, and you can save video footage to your phone, which could prove handy if you need to show footage to police if anything does happen.

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Product Features

The Nest Cam Security Camera comes with the following features to help improve your home security:

  • Instant alerts direct to your smartphone or tablet. Just download the Nest app to get started and keep a closer watch over your home
  • Highly detailed images, day and night, thanks to the 1,080-pixel full-HD resolution camera with 130-degree wide-angle lens view
  • Customisable camera settings, meaning you can concentrate your smarter home security efforts on specific areas
  • Intelligent motion detection, with the Nest Cam able to distinguish between people and objects, so you don’t have to worry about alerts disturbing you unnecessarily
  • Innovative Sightline feature, allowing you to zoom in on frames or clips so you can easily find the precise moment of an event, saving you time and effort
  • Built-in microphone and speaker with a two-way feed, so you can ward off intruders via the Nest smartphone app, no matter where you are in the world
  • Save video footage and photos from the previous three hours. Send images to people you trust via a password-protected stream or record clips to show to police as evidence
  • Resistance in all weathers
  • Bank-level security to ensure the utmost privacy for your data
  • Quick and easy set-up, with simple-to-understand instructions, meaning the Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera is suitable for DIY installation

The Nest Cam Security Camera is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, bringing you closer to a fully connected, smart home.

You can also purchase these cameras in a pack of 2, and we stock the Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera too.

System Requirements

To begin benefiting from the smart features of the Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera, you’ll need a Wi-Fi connection and access to the Nest app (which you can download for free).

Simply plug your camera into the mains and you’ll never have to worry about it running out of power.

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