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Kidde RemoteLync Wifi Camera, Wireless Camera

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Using a mobile app, you can control your Kidde RemoteLync camera from anywhere, giving you complete peace of mind. The camera is completely cordless and can be installed anywhere. This device will automatically alert you if it detects motion and with its long battery life, lasting 3 months, you can really rely on this system to protect your home.

The camera also sounds an alert within your home and immediately starts recording when motion is detected; meaning that after an incident has occurred you can view the footage. This device also gives your trusted friends and family access to the system to ensure that even if you are away they will be other notified if motion is detected.

The Kiddle RemoteLync camera is easy to install, using either screws or sticky pads, you can simply attach the base to the wall. Once the base is secure the camera can then be attached.

Watch this video to see more of how this great Kidde Remote Lync camera works here:


The Kidde RemoteLync Home Security Camera is really easy to install and set up. You can attach the base either by screw or sticky pads. Once firmly attached the camera mounts on the base giving you a secure base for your RemoteLync camera. 

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