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Elgato Eve Motion - Wireless Motion Sensor

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Have you ever imagined a sci fi-esque future in which you’d be able to walk through your front door, announce “I’m home!”, and your kettle, lights and heating would automatically turn on?

Well, you can stop imagining, as you can enjoy a sci fi-esque present with the Elgato Eve Motion - Wireless Motion Sensor, available at Future Home Shop, which allows you to live out that very situation for real.

The Elgato Eve motion sensor is fully compatible with Apple HomeKit and you can program the indoor motion sensor to recognise simple voice commands or movements and it can set off a whole chain of events, making your life smarter and easier.

Product Features

The Elgato Eve Motion - Wireless Motion Sensor features:

  • Instant alerts to your iPhone or iPad whenever any unexpected movement is detected in your home…
  • …or when expected movements are detected, you can program your Elgato Eve motion sensor to set off a chain of events, making this smart home device multi-purpose
  • There’s the option to sync your Elgato Eve Motion - Wireless Motion Sensor with Apple TV if you have it too, meaning your wireless motion sensor can keep an eye out in your home when you can’t be there yourself
  • The ability to control your Apple devices and the smart home products synced with them via your smart Bluetooth control
  • Long-lasting, easily replaceable batteries, so there’s no need for long, trailing, potentially unsafe wires
  • An elegant and modern design that will blend in with the look of any home for ultimate discretion, without compromising your home security

The Elgato Eve Motion - Wireless Motion Sensor is also compatible for use with Apple HomeKit accessories, so you can create rules to bring the perfect atmosphere to your home with a straightforward voice command.

For example, set your Elgato Eve motion sensor to recognise “I’m home” as an instruction to turn on your heating, lights and kettle - this is what a fully smart home looks like.

The dimensions of the Elgato Eve Motion - Wireless Motion Sensor are: L80 x W80 x H32mm.

System Requirements

As well as access to a Wi-Fi connection, you’ll also need either an Apple iPhone or an Apple iPad to control your Elgato Eve Motion - Wireless Motion Sensor remotely and benefit from its full features.

Why Future Home Shop?

At Future Home Shop, we believe in smart home products for everyone, which is why we stock easy-to-set-up smart devices and offer you free next-day delivery (when you order before 2pm - excluding weekends and bank holidays), so you can begin enjoying a connected home faster; smart home technology isn’t just for the future, it’s for now.

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