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Elgato Eve Indoor Room Temperature Sensor

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Elgato Eve products are designed to make your home more comfortable, and the brand’s room temperature sensor with display is no exception.

Available now from Future Home Shop, the Elgato Eve Indoor Room Sensor is smart, sophisticated and super-clever, helping you to improve the comfort of your home, while closely monitoring air temperature, humidity and overall air quality.

Smart Bluetooth technology allows you to sync your room temperature sensor with your iPhone or iPad via Apple HomeKit; from there, you can use Siri voice control to check the temperature and air quality throughout your home.

With the Elgato Eve Indoor Room Sensor, you can make sure your home always feels ‘just right’, and you can gain a little extra peace of mind if you’ve got a young child or someone who’s asthmatic in your house, as you’ll know that the air is exactly right for their needs to.

Product Features

The Elgato Eve Indoor Room Sensor features:

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which are there to give you ultra-precise readings for the air quality, temperature and humidity in your home
  • Personalised insights into how you can change things to improve the air quality and comfort in your home
  • Air quality, temperature and humidity reports delivered straight from your room temperature sensor to your iPhone or iPad
  • A sleek, modern design, with no trailing wires spoiling the effect, and easily replaceable, long-lasting batteries
  • Advanced security settings with end-to-end encryption, so you can take advantage of smart home technology safe in the knowledge that your privacy won’t be compromised

Dimensions: L79 x W79 x H32mm.

System Requirements

Access to Apple HomeKit is a must to be able to use the Elgato Eve Indoor Room Sensor, as is an iPhone or iPad so you can monitor and control the air quality in your home remotely.

Why Future Home Shop?

We’ve got a fantastic selection of Elgato Eve smart home products at Future Home Shop, which let you monitor exactly what’s going on inside and outside your home air quality-wise. We’re all about making smart home tech easy, so all you need to do is head to the checkout and start enjoying a smarter home.

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