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Elgato Eve Door & Window - Wireless Contact Sensor

Elgato Eve Door & Window - Wireless Contact Sensor

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Do you worry about how secure your property is when you’re out? There’s no need to with smart home security technology, and you’ll find a fantastic collection from leading brands at Future Home Shop.

The Elgato Eve Door & Window - Wireless Contact Sensor is so intelligent that it can send an alert direct to your smartphone when the wireless door sensor or window sensors are triggered by a door or window opening or closing.

With the Elgato Eve door sensor, you’ll never have to worry about arriving home to find a window prised open and your security compromised, leaving you unable to prove you shut it before you went out and therefore unable to claim on the insurance - every homeowner’s worst nightmare.

You’ll know straight away whenever your window alarm sensor is triggered, meaning you’ll be able to respond to security concerns promptly if you need to. And as for the rest of the time, you can rest assured safe in the knowledge that no smartphone alerts means no security issues.

Product Features

The Elgato Eve Door & Window - Wireless Contact Sensor features:

  • Innovative technology that can understand whenever a door or window has been opened or closed
  • The chance to set up specific access points so you receive notifications when particular areas of your home are targeted
  • Instant alerts direct to your iPhone or iPad when the door or window sensors are triggered. You’ll be able to see what’s going on at home with a quick glance at your device’s screen, putting you in complete control of your home environment
  • An elegant and modern design that will blend discreetly into any home
  • Easily replaceable, long-lasting batteries, so there’s no need for trailing wires that could pose a safety hazard
  • Compatibility with Apple HomeKit, so you can set up Siri voice commands to control multiple smart appliances at once, helping you to fully connect your home. For example, when your front door opens, have your kettle boil automatically, your lights turn on and your heating warm up
  • The Elgato Eve Door & Window - Wireless Contact Sensor also works with Amazon Alexa

Product dimensions: 52 x 24 x 23 mm, 18 x 18 x 8 - 23 mm

System Requirements

To use the Elgato Eve door sensor, you’ll need access to a Wi-Fi connection via either an iPhone or iPad.

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