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UK Now Has 15 Million Smart Homes

Some 15 million UK households are now classed as smart homes, according to a new survey published to coincide with last week’s Smart Homes Week.

Leading smart home brands including Amazon, Google, Philips Hue and Ring supported the week-long showcase of all things smart, while a OnePoll survey revealed that more than half of people in Britain now regularly use a smart device in their day-to-day life.

57% Regularly Use Smart Home Devices

In total, 57 per cent of respondents said they use smart devices to control their lights, home security camera, kettle or another appliance around their homes, with one in six doing so remotely.

What’s more, 45 per cent of those questioned said they were planning to invest more in smart home tech in the future, because they believe it will help them to save even more time and money, enabling them to run their households more efficiently.

Jason Bradbury, supporter of Smart Home Week and presenter of The Gadget Show, commented: “Smart tech is no longer just for gadget lovers; homeowners are starting to realise that technical updates are making homes cheaper and more efficient to run than ever before.

“As such, even those who aren’t entirely comfortable with fancy gadgets are starting to spend their money on technology to improve the home. Adults are coming to realise smart technology can reduce energy consumption, save money, offer unprecedented levels of security, and convenience.”

Most Coveted Smart Home Gadgets Revealed

The OnePoll survey also looked at the smart home gadgets that people in the UK would most like to have, with a smart self-cleaning toilet coming out on top, followed by self-cleaning carpet and an oven with multiple shelves that are able to cook food at different temperatures.

Another gadget that lots of people said they’d love to have was a self-emptying bin, while a vacuum that can run when the house is empty was the tenth most coveted gadget. These are actually already available - check out connected vacuums that you can control from your smartphone at any time of day or night here.

Unfortunately, beds that make themselves at the touch of a button aren’t available yet, but they also featured prominently on the list, and neither are gadgets that can stop your partner from snoring in bed.

Lots of respondents said they’d love a gadget that gave them the weather forecast for the whole day as soon as they opened their curtains - something else that’s already available at Future Home Shop in the form of a Netatmo Personal Weather Station.

As for a machine that automatically hangs up any clothes thrown onto the floor, which is also on the coveted smart gadgets list? Technology moves fast, so you never know - watch this space.

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