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The Ultimate Smart Home Christmas Gift Guide

We all have a few people on our Christmas shopping lists who we simply have no idea what to buy. But instead of going for the usual gift vouchers or alcohol, why not give them something a whole lot more impressive - like a little slice of the future, perhaps?

Smart home products can bring the future to a home right away; many devices have the potential to transform lives - and that’s not an exaggeration.

The ideas in our ultimate gift guide are a little bit different, and they’re all extremely practical, so they’re perfect if you want to make sure your present will definitely be used. Smart home devices are often energy-efficient too, so you won’t be at risk of offending anyone who’s environmentally conscious by gifting them - something that can be an issue with some presents.

At Future Home Shop, we also offer free next-day delivery (when you order before 2pm, as long as it’s not a bank holiday or weekend) - happy Christmas shopping!

For the Parents-To-Be

If you’ve got expectant parents to buy for this Christmas, it’s likely that they’ll already be receiving a deluge of baby clothes and items for the nursery. For something a little bit different, peace of mind and the opportunity to get a few much-needed minutes to themselves with their feet up once their bundle of joy arrives would be a perfect present - but how can you gift that?

A smart baby monitor, such as the BT Video Baby Monitor 6000, can provide that, thanks to its remote control-adjustable, high-definition camera and two-way communication, which lets exhausted new parents see whether their baby is crying or just babbling away to themselves when they hear a noise from the nursery, without having to physically go to them.

This video baby monitor also enables parents to calm their little ones down, even from another room. In addition, there’s a range of in-built lullabies to choose from to play to them, so mum and dad can keep their feet up while baby is soothed back to sleep.

For the One That’s Always Talking About the Weather

We all know someone whose main topic of conversation is the weather - some people just love to talk about it. Aside from umbrellas and perhaps raincoats, there’s never really been a great deal of weather-related gifts to choose from - until smart home devices came along.

At Future Home Shop, we stock a range of smart weather sensors, including the Netatmo Personal Weather Station, as well as the brand’s Rain Gauge and Wind Gauge. These are ideal for anyone who’s fascinated by the weather, providing real-time insights direct to their smartphone or tablet via the Netatmo app.

Netatmo’s smart weather devices are compatible with Amazon Alexa too, so they’re also a great gift option if you know someone who has an Amazon Echo and is always looking for innovative smart home products to use with it.

For the Houseproud Hard Worker Who Deserves a Break

Our lives are busier than ever before, and it can be hard to cram in the school run, the commute, work, social occasions, cooking healthy meals from scratch and keeping the house clean every day of the week.

Gifting a smart home appliance is like gifting time; smart vacuum cleaners like the Miele Scout RX1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner available from Future Home Shop essentially mean a robot can take care of part of the housework, quietly and efficiently.

Smart vacuum cleaners can be programmed to clean overnight or when the house is empty, intelligently dodging obstacles themselves for greater peace of mind.

These smart home appliances would make an ideal gift for those who take pride in the appearance of their home but have little free time for themselves, or for people who need an extra helping hand around the house.

For the One Who’s Hardly Ever at Home

Long working hours and busy social lives leave some people only spending a few hours at home each week, which isn’t ideal in this age of online shopping - especially with the post-Christmas sales fast approaching.

If you know someone who spends a lot of time struggling to get to the post office to pick up their parcels or regularly arrives home too late to collect packages from their neighbours, the Ring Video Doorbell 2 would be a perfect present.

This smart video doorbell can be synced with a smartphone or tablet via the free Ring app, which lets the user see and speak to whoever’s ringing their doorbell, thanks to instant notifications being sent to their mobile device. This means people can easily communicate what they’d like to be done with their parcels when they’re not physically there themselves, and speak directly to unexpected visitors, letting them know when they’ll be back.

For the Person Who’s Never Quite the Right Temperature

There’s someone in every family who’s always too hot or too cold, making it a challenge to find a temperature that suits everyone perfectly. Comfort and warmth are also extremely thoughtful Christmas gifts, and you can go one step further than giving a hot water bottle with a Netatmo Smart Thermostat and add-on Netatmo Smart Radiator Valves.

Smart thermostats can help households to save money on their energy bills, while these smart radiator valves allow each room to be heated to the ideal temperature. This means everyone can have their own room at their perfect temperature for maximum comfort. What’s more, being gifted these devices means the recipient will be able to start saving money on their energy spend straight away.

For the Homeowner Who Wants to Feel Like They’re Living in the Future

Smart home products don’t have to serve a specific purpose - they can be just for fun. Take smart lights, for example; there’s no doubt that they’re super-cool, which is especially the case for those in the Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit with Rhythm Module that we stock.

With the opportunity to connect up to 30 coloured light panels to the kit and even sync them to flash in time with favourite playlists, these smart lights are intelligent, innovative and extremely futuristic.

The novelty of being able to remote-control lights from a smartphone or tablet never wears off, and the in-built dimmer settings are particularly useful in the winter for discreetly creating a cosier atmosphere.

Although they are undoubtedly a lot of fun, smart lights can have practical uses too, helping to improve home security by being programmed to be on when a house is empty so it looks occupied.

Smart home technology is for everyone - shop our full collection of fun smart gadgets and connected appliances here.