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Smart Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day 2019 falls on Sunday 31st March, so there are now just a matter of days to find your mum the perfect gift.

While a bouquet is sure to always put a smile on her face, flowers inevitably die after a few weeks or even days, so it’s a lovely touch to get something a little longer-lasting, and she’ll think of you every time she sees or uses it.

Even if your mum isn’t the most confident using modern technology, smart home tech would make a great Mother’s Day gift - she'll be surprised by just how easy it is to use. And the beauty of smart tech is that it’s designed to make our lives easier, so you’ll truly be able to give her the gift of putting her feet up, for more than just one day.

Let Mum Enjoy a Gentle Start to Her Day

Smart lighting may not be the most traditional Mother’s Day present idea, but it can actually have multiple benefits for your mum. To start with, she’ll be able to switch her lights on and off from her smartphone or tablet, without having to move a muscle, letting her put her feet up more.

What’s more, if you go for an option such as the Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit, you can make up for all those years of waking Mum up in the middle of the night - both as a small child and in your teenage going-out years - by letting her enjoy the ultimate relaxing start to the day, as these smart lights can be programmed to light up in colours that are reminiscent of a natural sunrise for a gentle wake-up.

Let Mum Put Her Feet Up Properly

In the same way that smart lights can let your mum stay comfy on the sofa with her feet up when the light changes, a smart thermostat means she can control the heating in her house from her smartphone or tablet too.

While it’s a lot more practical than the typical Mother’s Day gift, it could make a big difference to your mum’s life - and you can always throw in a slightly more traditional bunch of flowers as well.

Save Mum from Her Least Favourite Chore

Smart technology can save your mum from her least favourite jobs around the house and garden too. Did you know you can get connected vacuums and lawnmowers that can be programmed to do chores for you?

Giving your mum the gift of never having to do her most-hated chore ever again would be a lovely gesture, and leave her with more time to enjoy some well-deserved time to herself.

Treat Mum to a Proper Coffee

Another connected appliance that could make a big difference to your mum’s life is a smart coffee machine. If your mum loves proper coffee, treating her to one of these smart home gadgets is sure to make her year.

At Future Home Shop, you’ll find connected coffee makers from KRUPS and De’Longhi, which you could even program to make your mum’s favourite latte or cappuccino at the time she wakes up, for an extra lovely touch to your Mother’s Day gift.

If you’re worried about running out of time to get organised for Sunday, you can get free next-day delivery on all of our smart home gadgets, as long as you order before 2pm (excluding weekends and bank holidays).

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