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Smart Home Tech Valentine’s Gift Ideas

What springs to mind when you’re trying to come up with romantic Valentine’s Day gifts? Chocolates? Flowers? Perfume/after shave?

The same few present ideas get recycled year after year, so it’s great when you stumble across something a little bit different in the form of a gift that can be enjoyed - by both of you - for much longer than the usual box of chocs or bunch of flowers.

We believe that smart home tech most definitely falls into this category. It’s not traditionally romantic, but some devices could certainly make your partner’s life a little easier, leaving you both with more quality time to spend together - and what could be more lovely than that?

Light Up Their World, the Smart Way

Smart lights with a discreet dimmer switch can be perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere on a night in. At Future Home Shop, the Philips Hue Starter Kits in our collection all include dimmer switches to help you create that perfect date night ambience.

Lights that you can control via your smartphone or tablet are also great for putting an end to those arguments all couples have about whose turn it is to leave the warmth of the bed to turn out the light before you go to sleep.

By getting smart lights in your bedroom, you’ll simply be able to turn the light off with a quick click of your phone, or even via voice command, so you should never have a reason to bicker at bedtime ever again.

The Perfect Wake-Up Every Day

Waking your other half up with a cup of coffee is a romantic gesture any day, but imagine if you could do it even when you’re away for work or want to have more of a lie-in than them. Well, with a connected coffee machine, you can.

With settings that you can pre-program via your smartphone or tablet, the smart coffee machines you’ll find at Future Home Shop can get to work making your partner’s perfect espresso, latte or cappuccino to greet them when they go into the kitchen, even if you’ve already left for work.

This is a lovely little gesture to let them know you’re thinking of them, putting a smile on their face to start their day. And, of course, you’ll get to benefit from some top-notch coffees as well, so it’s win-win.

Gadgets to Help You Enjoy More Quality Couple Time

Busy schedules can make quality time together more infrequent than you would like. Often, when you are at home at the same time, there’s a chore to be done, while on a weekend when you’re both free, there can be endless errands to run.

However, there are smart home gadgets out there to enable you to spend a little more time together. For a start, get some help with household chores and invest in a connected vacuum, which you can set to clean up when you’re out, asleep or simply while you’ve got your feet up together catching up about your days. Be careful about how you position this one as a gift though! Maybe suggest you buy one together for the exact reason we’ve just given.

Do you also feel as though every Saturday is taken up with dashing to the post office before it closes early to pick up parcels you’ve missed being delivered in the week? Reclaim your weekend lie-ins and have time for brunch together or another leisurely activity by buying a smart video doorbell to alert you both via your smartphone whenever anyone’s at your front door.

Whether you’re at work, away for the night or just in another room and unable to answer the door, you’ll be able to let whoever’s there know exactly what to do with your parcel, freeing up your Saturday mornings.

Smart Home Tech from Future Home Shop

It doesn’t matter if you’ve left getting organised for Valentine’s Day until the last minute, as free next-day delivery is available when you order from Future Home Shop, as long as you buy before 2pm (excluding weekends and bank holidays).

We know it’s not traditionally romantic, but smart home tech can be a brilliant Valentine’s gift for the gadget lover in your life. And if you still want to keep things classic, there’s nothing stopping you from throwing a box of chocolates in there as well.

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