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Smart Home Tech: Keep Your Garden Neat in Winter

Now that the clocks have gone back and the first frost of the year has arrived, it’s unlikely that most of us will get out and cut our grass again until spring.

Those of us with green fingers might go out into the garden on a crisp sunny day for a few other winter gardening tasks, but for many of us, we’ll simply resign ourselves to tackling an overgrown, slightly neglected looking garden in the new year.

Lots of us spend so much time making sure our homes look great over the festive season, even bedecking their exterior in lights and other decorations, but we don’t tend to take the same pride in our gardens throughout the winter months.

Yet with smart technology, which can transform so many aspects of our lives, you can.

Why Use a Smart Lawnmower in Winter?

With a smart lawnmower, you don’t have to worry about going outside in the cold, or lugging a heavy lawnmower around your garden if you’re not quite up to it.

The robotic lawnmowers available from Future Home Shop can be easily programmed to cut your grass for you, so you can stay wrapped up warm indoors safe in the knowledge that your neighbours aren’t going to be judging you for the state of your garden.

If you like to head to warmer climes during the winter, you can even make sure your robotic lawnmower is taking care of your garden while you’re not there - the Gardena smart lawnmowers that we stock can be controlled via the Gardena smartphone app, so you can have your grass cut no matter where you are in the world. Think of it like having a gardener, but without the intrusion of someone letting themselves into your house while you’re not there.

Can I Trust a Robotic Lawnmower to Do the Job for Me?

Smart technology is the future. It’s becoming increasingly normal for people to trust their smartphones and other smart devices with tasks around their home, from turning their heating on to keeping watch over their property when they’re not there.

Many of the smart lawnmowers in the Future Home Shop collection are intelligent enough to turn around by themselves when they reach the edge of your lawn, so you don’t have to worry about them inflicting unwanted damage on your garden. Some are even able to dodge obstacles, so it doesn’t matter if other garden equipment has blown over in the wind.

Most can quickly recharge themselves too, meaning you don’t even have to go out in the cold to reset them.

What’s more, the McCulloch lawnmowers in our collection are also fitted with loud alarms to ward off thieves to provide you with extra reassurance.

And if your garden is a little harder underfoot due to the harsh, cold weather drying the grass out, turning it into much bumpier terrain, your smart lawnmower will be able to handle this - they’re typically designed to handle a variety of gradients and terrains, taking away some of the frustrations you may have experienced with a manual lawnmower in the past.

Robotic Lawnmowers from Future Home Shop

At Future Home Shop, you’ll find McCulloch, Gardena and Flymo robotic lawnmowers, all of which have their own unique, innovative features that make them a fantastic addition to your smart home appliances.

A smart lawnmower is a great investment that should serve your needs for years to come. Did you know that most are silent too? This means you can set them to cut your grass at night or while your neighbours are outside if you need to, without disturbing anyone, so your garden can be the best-kept on your street throughout the winter.

While they’re especially useful when the weather is colder, smart lawnmowers can be brilliant all year round, saving you from having to spend too much time cutting your grass and more time enjoying your garden.

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