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Smart Home Security Tips for Dark Winter Nights

We’ve all long been told at this time of year to leave our lights on when we’re out to make it look as though someone’s in should burglars fancy their chances and, of course, to lock windows and doors to keep our homes extra secure.

But thanks to the rise of smart home technology, we’re now able to go a few steps further than this and secure our homes better than ever, with smart lighting features playing a key role in protecting our properties and providing us with a little extra peace of mind that everything’s safe and secure.

Smart lights with in-built motion detection features can give us this reassurance indoors, while smart home security cameras can provide it outdoors, helping us to sleep a little more soundly during the dark winter months.

Smart Home Security Indoors

Keeping your lights switched on when you’re out to keep your home looking occupied is sensible advice, but most people turn them off when they are home and have gone to bed to save energy.

When you have a Philips Hue Beyond LED Table Lamp or Ceiling Light, in-built motion detection technology can automatically turn your lights on when unexpected movement is sensed. This could ward off intruders, providing you with greater peace of mind and allowing you to sleep a little more soundly at night.

With the Philips Hue app (which is free to download to your smartphone or tablet) you can also turn your smart lights on if you’re going to be out Christmas shopping or for festive drinks longer than planned, so you can make it look like someone’s home even if you didn’t leave the lights on when you left - that’s the beauty of smart technology.

Winter Smart Home Security Outdoors

Of course, it’s also important to know if the area around your house is safe and secure too, especially when it gets dark earlier and you can no longer quickly glance out of the window if you hear a strange noise.

Smart security cameras can stream footage of what’s going on outside your home straight to your smartphone or tablet, as long as you have the manufacturer’s app downloaded.

Then, if you hear something that you want to investigate, you can check the screen of your device for reassurance that it is just the wind or your neighbour clattering around, rather than something you need to worry about. If it is something that you need to address, you’ll then have footage that could potentially be used as evidence if necessary.

The Ring Spotlight Cam and the Netatmo Presence Outdoor Security Camera - both available from Future Home Shop - feature in-built security lights that can shine on intruders or any other unexpected movements that may be detected in your garden for even more peace of mind, as well as a whole host of other smart features to protect your home.

At Future Home Shop, you’ll find a wide selection of smart home products to help you to improve your home security, not just during the dark, winter months, but all year round. Shop our collection here.