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Ring Launch New Home Security Range

Ring have announced their new range of smart security devices. After listening to consumer feedback Ring have come out with a new and improved range of smart home security, promising to protect your home better and more efficiently than ever before and with the announcement of their new app it can all be controlled from your smartphone.

The new app will come with location-based grouping and a new multi-cam view, helping to put your entire home in your hands. For those of you that have a Ring product already, you are going to love what’s to come. 

As ever Ring are aiming to give you a complete ring of security around your home and the new range does not disappoint. 

Introducing their new ‘Digital Neighbourhood Watch’. This feature allows you to share and protect not only your own home but also those within your neighbourhood. With real time crime alerts and the ability to talk and warn others on the network you will feel safer than ever before. Oh and of course all this can be accessed from your smartphone, for free!

Another new buy for your outdoor security is the addition of the Ring Beams. Thanks to the recent acquisition of Mr Beams by Ring, they are now supplying new motion activated lights.

This range of both stick up and mounted smart security lights work within the Ring system to give you a seamless way to monitor your home. Using the cameras your lights can be triggered by movement, scaring off any intruders. Or you can operate them manually from your smartphone.

The new Ring alarm acts as a hub to watch over your home and connect all your devices together to give a truly seamless security experience. By sending instant alerts to your smartphone you will be the first to know when someone has entered your home. Using the door and window sensors, every point of access is covered, and you can monitor them from anywhere on your smartphone.

It doesn’t stop there, for indoor use there are also brand-new additions to detect both smoke and water. The smoke and CO listener will always be on hand to send you alerts or even sound the siren, so you will have complete peace of mind when away from home. The flood and freeze sensor are perfect for use in the kitchen. When placed under appliances such as your fridge or freezer you can then receive alerts if water is found or low temperatures are detected, keeping your home safe from damage.

Along with all this Ring are coming out with their first ever indoor/outdoor cameras. Leading on from the stick-up cameras this device will provide a simple yet versatile solution to your security. Whether you want it stood up in your house or mounted to a wall in the garden you can track all the recorded movement from your phone.

This exciting new range is expected to be available in the USA in Spring of 2018. Follow us via Facebook|Twitter|Instagram to find out when you can get your hands on this new the new Ring range.