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Reclaim Your Time in 2019 with Smart Home Tech

Many of us pledge to make more time for the things that really matter to us at the start of a new year. That could be having more family time, saving more money to put towards travel experiences, or spending more time on hobbies and interests in the evenings.

Despite our best intentions, the seemingly never-ending housework soon starts to get in the way, bills need paying and we end up too tired in the evenings to do anything other than sit in front of the TV.

But could investing in some smart home technology enable you to reclaim your free time and spend more of it on what really matters to you?

From taking care of your household chores to helping you to save a few extra pennies towards your holiday fund, here are just a few of the ways that smart products from the Future Home Shop collection could help you to do this in 2019:

Spend Less Time on Housework

Housework is necessary, but time-consuming, often robbing us of a much-needed relaxing evening or quality time with the kids. How lovely would it be to arrive home to a clean, tidy house or to have the vacuuming done while you’re sitting down to dinner as a family?

Connected vacuums, like the Neato d85 Robotic Vacuum from Future Home Shop, make that possible. Download the Neato app to your smartphone or tablet and you’ll be able to program your vacuum to clean your floor from wherever you are, so you can get on with other, more fulfilling activities.

You don’t even have to worry about remembering to charge your smart vacuum cleaner, as the Neato models are intelligent enough to take themselves off to recharge when they need to, meaning you barely need to think about this household chore once you’ve invested in the appliance.

If you’re not keen on gardening either, and would much rather just get out and enjoy your garden without having to tidy it and mow your lawn first, you’ll also find a fantastic range of connected lawnmowers in our online store to help you with reclaiming this time.

Waste Less Time Waiting at the Post Office for Missed Parcels

There are few things more annoying than arriving home to find a ‘sorry, we missed you’ note from the postman, knowing that the post office shuts before you get home from work and you’ll now have to spend your Saturday morning driving there to retrieve your parcel when you’d much rather be catching up on sleep.

However, with a smart doorbell, you’ll be able to remove this first-world problem from your life for good, free up your weekends and save your petrol.

For example, the Ring Video Doorbell 2 with Chime Bundle allows you to connect your doorbell with your smartphone or tablet via the Ring app, so you can see who’s at your door, regardless of where you are. You can even communicate with them, meaning you can tell the postman where’s safe to leave the parcel, saving you those trips to the post office, letting you have a Saturday morning lie-in.

The Chime add-on will alert you when you’re at home but not close to the front door or have headphones in - one thing more annoying than arriving home to those ‘sorry, we missed you’ notes is getting one when you were actually in all along.

Lower Energy Bills, More Money for New Experiences

Saving more money is always a popular New Year’s resolution, and you could actually achieve this goal while saving energy too with a smart thermostat.

With updates on your household’s energy usage sent straight to your phone, these smart home devices allow you to see how much unnecessary energy you’re using. Then, you can program your thermostat to come on only when you need it to, with the tado° smart thermostats that we stock claiming that you’ll earn back your initial spend on the product within just 12 months, thanks to the savings you’ll make on your energy bills.

Not only will you be saving a little extra cash to put towards travel, hobbies or other new experiences, you’ll also be living in a more environmentally friendly way - something we all need to be conscious of to help look after our planet for the next generation.

Properly Switch Off on Holiday

Many people are guilty of checking their work emails on holiday, or fretting about whether the car will be okay parked in the drive for two weeks, meaning they never fully switch off, somewhat ruining the point of the trip away in the first place.

By installing a smart home security camera to keep watch over your property, you can rest assured that your home is safe and sound even while you’re away. Typically, these devices capture footage around the clock, so if your home does fall victim to a crime, you’ll have evidence - just knowing that could be the peace of mind you need to truly unwind.

Make it one of your 2019 goals to learn to properly relax and make time for what really matters in your life - embrace smart home tech, and you’ll be on your way to achieving these.

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