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Google Home vs Amazon Echo and predictions for the Apple HomePod

No matter what your preference, there’s a home assistant for all. Whether you’re into google home, amazon echo, or you’re addicted to your apple products. They are all competing for your interest.

These devices act as voice activation minions. They work to answer questions, perform tasks and control devices.

But which is best out of the 3 market leaders; Google Home, Amazon Echo or the highly anticipated Apple HomePod?

Amazon echo.

The Amazon echo was the first of its kind, released in 2014, since then many upgrades have taken place to provide us with the 2nd generation echo and dot. Some may argue that this is the best provider, mainly because of its ever-expanding range of features, including amazon calling and messaging feature. However, others complain that the sound quality can be uneven at times, particularly at high volumes.

Powered by Alexa voice control this device uses a learning algorithm to become smarter the more you use it. This is just one of the features that makes this a ‘smart’ device.

Using a partnership with Ocado, google home allows people to order groceries simply through speech. The new multi room music streaming feature gives Amazon echo users a Sonos-like music experience; so, if music is at the heart of your house, maybe this device is the one for you.

Price wise this one comes in at around £99.99 the cheapest and best value of all the brands.

Google home 2016.

Following on from the Amazon echo in 2014, the Google Home device was launched in 2016, with similar features and abilities.

At the moment, the most useful of all the providers is the Google home, with the ability to perform tasks and integrations it also understands context, meaning you can string together multiple requests; however, it loses points for the fluidity of its speech.

The Google Home can already control devices using the Apple platform HomeKit, however once the Apple HomePod is introduced, the competition will be fierce.

Google home comes in at around £129 depending on the retailer.

Apple HomePod,

Apple was the first provider to give its customers a voice command assistant. Using Siri, Iphone users could control their apps through their speech. In 2017 this will be the basis of the Apple HomePod.

Announced at WWDC in 2017, the apple HomePod is set to be the next best thing in smart home technology. Apple was the first provider to introduce a smart assistant into their devices, with Siri.

Similar to the competition Apples HomePods will let you ask questions, control appliances with HomeKit and control music playback.

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With a limited supply expected in 2017 the Apple HomePod is estimated to cost around the £349 mark. Not exactly a competitive price compared to the previous providers; however, Apple are promising that one thing that the others are lacking, pristine sound quality. Maybe that will be worth the extra £200?