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3 Key Smart Home Trends for 2019

Something big is happening in Las Vegas this week - the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2019), which is taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 8th to 11th.

Ahead of the event, leading tech brands have been unveiling their latest innovations to the press, providing an insight into the key focuses for the smart home market for the coming year.

Meanwhile, Ripple Street Research has just released survey results, which show what we tended to use our smart home assistants for last year. Listening to music was the most popular use, with 90% of consumers using gadgets like the Amazon Echo for this, followed by checking the weather forecast (73%) and setting alarms (58%).

Almost one-third (32%) of people have synced theirs with other smart home products and use their smart speakers for voice command control.

So, with this in mind, as well as the goings-on at CES 2019, what will be the key smart home trends in 2019?

1. Innovation

Innovation is always at the heart of the smart home technology market, with the pre-CES 2019 press conferences unveiling some fantastic new inventions, including an automated bread-making machine from Wilkinson - and we thought connected coffee machines were as luxurious as smart home tech could get!

In its own outlook for 2019, Digital Trends suggested that connected toilets might not be too far off reality, mooting the idea that we’ll all soon be receiving morning news updates from our bathrooms.

What’s more, new-build homes look likely to be marketed with smart home tech and connected appliances more often, as it becomes increasingly important to us to be able to ask our smart assistants for whatever we need on demand - remember when we were more bothered about the number of bedrooms?

Exciting innovations can already be found across the Future Home Shop range in the form of smart lights that you can sync to music and robotic vacuums that can be trusted to do the housework by themselves, but we can all expect to see much more of this over the course of 2019.

2. Greater Integration

As the smart home assistant market has evolved, integration options for smart home products have expanded to help make our lives easier.

In the Future Home Shop range alone, you can control everything from your smart lights to your smart thermostat by giving commands to Amazon’s Alexa, and an early glimpse at the gadgets on offer at CES 2019 shows that greater integration looks set to be a focus for the year ahead.

For example, Lutron is adding fan control to its smart lighting, allowing for better energy efficiency, as well as a more seamless user experience for consumers - win-win.

3. Enhanced Security

The Ripple Street Research survey found that privacy is a major concern for many people when it comes to buying smart home products; in fact, 84% cited this as a concern, with 20% saying these worries have put them off owning smart home technology altogether.

However, a first look at the new innovations coming out of CES 2019 show that security is going to be a key focus in 2019, with products showcased including a smart home security camera with in-built facial recognition and a video doorbell with two cameras, allowing you to keep your eye on the package that’s been dropped off, as well as the area directly in front of your home.

The video doorbell market as a whole looks set to expand significantly in 2019, showing an increased focus on security overall. At Future Home Shop, we stock the Ring Video Doorbell 2, which has a fantastic set of features, including two-way communication.

We pride ourselves on bringing together the best smart home products from the market’s leading manufacturers, so bring your home into the future now by exploring our range here.