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3 in 4 Have At Least One Smart Home Device

Three in four UK households now own at least one smart home device, while 1.5 million Brits want their homes to be fully connected within the next five years.

This is the finding of new research carried out by insurance provider Policy Expert, which also found that almost one-third (31 per cent) of people in the UK would like their homes to be at least partly automated in five years’ time.

However, for five per cent of homeowners, only total control over the appliances in their property will be enough, demonstrating the extent to which some are fully embracing smart home tech.

Why More People are Embracing Smart Home Technology

Policy Expert found that the average household in Britain currently has three smart home devices, with survey respondents typically wanting to increase this by two more devices within the next 12 months.

Four in ten of those questioned said they bought smart home tech because it made their lives easier, while 31 per cent of people simply reported that they enjoyed embracing the latest technologies.

Meanwhile, 18 per cent admitted they wanted to save money via smart home devices - something smart thermostats in particular can help with - and three per cent confessed to buying it ‘to keep up with the Joneses’.

Although the average sum spent on smart home tech came in at £761, there are plenty of more affordable options available - in fact, the majority of devices available at Future Home Shop come in under this price tag.

What are the Most Popular Smart Home Devices?

The research also looked at what the most popular smart home devices are, with smart TVs coming out on top, with 54 per cent of UK households currently owning one. Smart meters came in second, as over one-quarter (26 per cent) of people now use one to monitor their home’s energy usage, while 22 per cent have a smart home hub and 11 per cent own another form of smart heating device.

Smart lights were found to be the seventh most popular smart home feature, owned by seven per cent of households, while smart plugs came in eighth place (six per cent), followed by smart home security cameras (five per cent) and smart kitchen appliances (four per cent).

Smart home tech is only going to get more popular in the future, as more and more people recognise the fact that it can help to save them time, money and energy, for an all-round smarter life.

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